Rum is one of the standout drinks on the planet. Even though there is tough competition among light coloured and dark coloured alcohol rages on. Rum is definitely loved by a lot of people and is quite often the intermediary level between vodka and whiskey. Some people go their entire lives just falling for this beauty. It is quite difficult to pick a list of things that rum can be paired with because of how wholesome the entire alcohol is. Literally any food can be consumed during the consumption of rum. Here in this article, we have listed out the most popular food items that are paired with rum.

  1. Salted Peanuts

Salted Peanuts is a classic dish that can quite possibly be paired with any type of alcohol, but rum and salted peanuts are a class apart. Unlike other forms of liquor, rum has a distinct taste that doesn’t need to much flavour to be balanced. The pairing is a class apart because of how simplistic the whole ordeal is.

  1. Dark Chocolate

If you are into dark rum and we think you should because dark rum is just mouth-wateringly perfect. The best side dish to have while drinking rum is to have dark chocolate. The darker the chocolate, the better the whole process is. So make sure to grab the most concentrated dark chocolates from the shelf. Obviously, there is a distinct aftertaste in the mouth, if you have dark chocolate with colorless rum.

If you are not one for dark chocolate bars, then we suggest that you have a piece of rich chocolate cake with little to no icing or frosting. The chocolate gives a new layer of depth and intensity to the rum and that is among the reasons why there is actually chocolate flavored rum available in the market today.

  1. Fish cakes

Fish cakes are the perfect pair for rum-based drinks as it complements the punch that is present in the rum. Fish cakes are yum by themselves, but when there is rum around, the explosion of flavor that you feel inside your mouth is just surreal. The essential part is to ensure that the fish cake is not too overpowering.

  1. Coffee

Coffee like chocolate goes really well with rum, but we suggest that you make sure that you are someone who can handle both coffee and rum together. Caffeine in the coffee and lactose in the milk may at times react with the alcohol and result in a turbulent tummy.