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We wanted to stand apart in the world of food and that is by no chance an easy feat. The two people who started this venture had been sous chefs together for a long time before moving on to head star restaurants. Our friendship though aged like fine wine and eventually we decided to start a venture that focused on opening a deconstructed fusion restaurant. And the business boomed. 



We wanted to play around with age-old classics and build something new. Chaos is our secret.





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You might think you are eating scallops, but it could just be chicken. That air of mystery in their full course meal will get anyone to the edge of their seats in anticipation.

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Pairing Food with Rum

Rum is one of the standout drinks on the planet. Even though there is tough competition among light coloured and dark coloured alcohol rages on. Rum is definitely loved by a lot of people and is quite often the intermediary level between vodka and whiskey. Some people go their entire lives just falling for this beauty. It is quite difficult to pick a list of things that rum can be paired with because of how wholesome the entire alcohol is. Literally any food can be consumed during the consumption of rum. Here in this article, we have listed out the most popular food items that are paired with rum.

  1. Salted Peanuts

Salted Peanuts is a classic dish that can quite possibly be paired with any type of alcohol, but rum and salted peanuts are a class apart. Unlike other forms of liquor, rum has a distinct taste that doesn’t need to much flavour to be balanced. The pairing is a class apart because of how simplistic the whole ordeal is.

  1. Dark Chocolate

If you are into dark rum and we think you should because dark rum is just mouth-wateringly perfect. The best side dish to have while drinking rum is to have dark chocolate. The darker the chocolate, the better the whole process is. So make sure to grab the most concentrated dark chocolates from the shelf. Obviously, there is a distinct aftertaste in the mouth, if you have dark chocolate with colorless rum.

If you are not one for dark chocolate bars, then we suggest that you have a piece of rich chocolate cake with little to no icing or frosting. The chocolate gives a new layer of depth and intensity to the rum and that is among the reasons why there is actually chocolate flavored rum available in the market today.

  1. Fish cakes

Fish cakes are the perfect pair for rum-based drinks as it complements the punch that is present in the rum. Fish cakes are yum by themselves, but when there is rum around, the explosion of flavor that you feel inside your mouth is just surreal. The essential part is to ensure that the fish cake is not too overpowering.

  1. Coffee

Coffee like chocolate goes really well with rum, but we suggest that you make sure that you are someone who can handle both coffee and rum together. Caffeine in the coffee and lactose in the milk may at times react with the alcohol and result in a turbulent tummy.

Pairing Food with Beer

Beer is one of the must drink things for most people. It has gained and sustained popularity because of its price and taste. Food has always been around the compliment the type of liquor you have and there are certain foods that are perfect for Beer by enhancing the whole beer drinking experience. Here in this article, we have looked at some of the best sides for all beer lovers out there.

  1. Onion Rings

To kick things off we have onion rings. Onion rings are quintessentially American though, but that is irrelevant since the country is among the top consumers of beer. The batter can either be beer based to give that extra bit of kick or can be regular wings. But the key to having the perfect evening is to have chilled beer and perfectly crispy onion rings.

  1. Kebabs

If you are one of those people who likes to munch some chicken or lamb while having beer, then kebabs are the perfect bet. They are yum and flavour filled that will surely go with the bitterness of beer. There is something magical about the food from the Middle East and how well it goes with different types of alcohol. It is also ironic since the countries themselves have bans on drinking.

  1. Fish and Chips

The Brits are known for a lot of things, but when it comes to pairing food with alcohol they fall quite short. But that hasn’t been the case when it came to pairing fish and chips with beer. It is by far our most favourite pair up. Because of how amazing everything falls into place.

  1. Pizza

If you are planning a night with your friends and you are wondering what food to order that the whole lot will enjoy?? Then trust us and get pizzas. Why? Well everybody loves pizza and secondly, it goes really well with beer. Think about it, Pizzas are cheesy, yummy and there for everyone to share. Basketball game on TV, a couple of six-packs and two massive pizzas; how can that evening even go wrong?

  1. Chips and Dips

We have save the best for last. The reason why so many people enjoy chips and dips is because of how simple the whole thing is to put together. In addition to being simple, it is also extremely chip to use this as a side. But let’s for a second forget about how cheap or simple it is and focus on how amazingly well it compliments beer. Besides fish and chips, chips and dips is the closest dish that pairs really well with beer.

Foods to have while you are drunk

Almost everybody has had a bad hangover the day after getting sloshed the night before. The coolness of the whole drinking things ends as soon as you wake up and rush to the bathroom to puke your guts out. Having a hangover is the worst sensation in the world and it is almost impossible to combat, if you have no clue what the hell you are doing. So worry not, because we are here to swoop in and save the day. Here in this article, we have looked some of the stuff you should munch while you are drunk and some things to have the next day. But before we even begin our list, we would like to say that the only true hero who is going to save you is water. Your liver has used up a lot of water in the process of filtering alcohol from the body and most hangover symptoms are down to being really dehydrated. So the minute you wake up, go chug water and keep drinking water over the course of the day. To truly stay on top of the problem, keep drinking water throughout the course of your drinking session next time and see how big of a difference water makes.

  1. Microwave popcorn

When you get drunk, you tend to have this insane craving for salty items and this can cause us to order things that we generally wouldn’t even think of eating. To combat this need for saltiness, we ask you to watch mainstream media. Forgive our poor attempt at humour and get yourself a big bowl of popcorn that is freshly popped from the microwave. The popcorn is law fat alternative to fries and chips and also filled with a lot of fibre. You can splurge on popcorn and substitute alcohol with water and be doing a lot better than your friends in the morning.

  1. Banana

So because of all the dehydration that you are facing, what happens is that your body starts to lose important electrolytes as well. So the next time you wonder why your leg is starting to cramp after a night out, know that your body is rid of essential electrolytes such as potassium. So how do we stay on top of this? We eat bananas. Bananas are a natural source of electrolytes and the best part about this curvy fruit is that have two and all of a sudden you are full.

Food dishes to have before and after getting drunk

What we are going to talk about is like warming up before a hard cold game out in the field. Drinking is an art and needs the right kind of preparation. Poor prep work and you could be facing the barrel of a gun, literally and figuratively. Because who knows what sort of stuff you end up doing while under the influence of alcohol. There are some dishes that prolong the inevitable; there is no dish that is going to prevent the inevitable. So without wasting any more valuable time, let’s take a look at a list of things that you can have before drinking your hearts out.

  1. Salmon

Salmon is a great way to start your night. It is by far one of the classiest and tastiest things that can set the tone of the night. But more importantly it has an abundance of Vitamin B-12, but you can sit there and wonder as to why we are signaling out that particular Vitamin. It is because when you drink, the vitamin starts depleting in your body and can thus cause adverse effects in extreme cases. So going overstocked with vitamin b-12 is a good way to ensure that you stay well within the optimal range.

  1. Milk

Milk is the savior we all need, but one we don’t realize is required till too late. Before you go on a night out, make sure to drink a glass of milk. Milk has a lot of potassium and you are in need of potassium, as your body has lost a lot of it and other minor electrolytes due to your frequent trips to the bathroom. Milk is also essentially 90% water; so having a glass of milk followed by a glass of water is going to do wonders for your body and help you combat the dreaded hangover the next morning.

  1. Eggs

The debate still rages on whether the egg came first or whether the chicken did. But in your cases, the egg should always come first. You can either start your night by having a couple of eggs as pregame preparation or you can have it during the night as a way to improve your defenses you can have it in the morning as a last minute bet to ensure that you have some strength left to fight. Eggs contain a lot of amino acid that helps break down alcohol, that is the reason for all the hype.

Classic Food and Alcohol Pairing

  1. Bourbon and Picked Vegetables

Bourbon is a niche drink and is enjoyed by a few compared to the popularity that whiskey and rum have. The thing is that there are not a lot of things that can be paired with Bourbon, but pickled vegetables and bourbon have silently formed a bond of sorts that has stood the test of time. The sourness of pickled vegetables then goes on to balance out the flavor profile of the alcohol, which tends to lean towards sweet and spicy. The contemporary mix is further explored by involving the crunchy texture of the vegetables into the mix with all other contributing elements.

  1. Chips and Dips with Beer

Almost everyone who has tasted the alcohol at some point in time experienced what beer felt like. Beer is actually an acquired taste; that is acquired by a lot of people who are broke. Beer is something that you can get for the cheap, so can the sides. The sides are practically much cheaper actually. All you need is a packet of salted chips and three or four dips and your set for an amazing evening with your friends and a couple of six-packs.

  1. Smoked Pork Ribs and Whiskey

Smoked meat is a definite yes when it comes to whiskey, but within that category pork ribs truly represent a classic pairing with whiskey. Whiskey is said to have a strong smoky taste to it and some have even gone on and said that they can taste a mild tinge of BBQness to the whole thing. The Pork ribs are quite perfect and properly cooked pork ribs basically melt in your mouth. The flavor of pork meat when it is smoked goes really well with whiskey and this is one of the reasons why pork ribs are preferred over other forms of smoked meat when pairing up with whiskey.

The fact of the matter is that each alcohol will for sure have an expertly chosen dish that balances and enhances flavors so that the consumer gets a mind-blowing experience. But alcohol for the longest time has been a sort of comfort zone for people and thus we believe that classic pairings only matter so much. So if you are looking to have a great evening with your friends, then we recommend you get a lot of fries, chips, cheese, dips, salted peanuts and some dark chocolate to finish things off. We are sure that everyone will have a blast with the best pair up we could think of; you, friends, booze and food.






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