The biggest reason some people give up alcohol is because they want a super fit body and to a large extent they are right, alcohol does add extra pounds. Of all the alcohol, vodka is your safest bet to maintain your love for alcohol and to maintain your diet to get that beach bod that you have dreamt of. But then the question arises as to what one should eat while having vodka. To ensure that you get the best of both worlds, we went ahead and drew up a list of things that you can pair with vodka to make sure that you keep a check on your calorie count and get drunk as well. To quote Hanna Montana, you will be getting “The best of both worlds”. Without further ado, let’s kick things off.

  1. Caviar

So what do Putin, Vodka, and Caviar all have in common? They are all quintessentially Russian. Having Caviar not only makes you look classy, but it also ensures that you don’t add any sort of excess calorie into your system. As to how you are going to be able to afford Caviar, well that is an article in itself. Maybe keep an eye on this website and we might just tell you the secret.

  1. Pickles

Pickles are the perfect sidekick to your vodka shots. Pickles are normally sour and salty and thus go really well with vodka. The pairing only works, if the pickles are cold, because warm pickles leave an after taste in your mouth that just ruins the whole drinking experience.

  1. Smoked Salmon

Vodka doesn’t generally have a smoky flavor to it, but smoke salmon goes really well with vodka. And the best part about eating salmon is that it is super healthy for you. Salmon is predominantly present in the Mediterranean climate and is the perfect follow up to a few vodka shots that you had not so long ago. Smoked salmon also goes really well with vodka based cocktails such as Mojito and Moscow Mule.

  1. Steak

When we steak, it doesn’t mean we are including roasted potatoes along with it. Steak alone is a great companion to vodka and doesn’t overpower the much loved alcohol. We suggest that you stick to steak while sipping on your cocktails, as shots are not really the time to be patiently cutting into your steak. Rare steak is perfect for the pairing and is going to definitely be a crowd favourite.