We think tequila and beer are for the kid and Whiskey is for the man. We are not starting this on a sexist note; we are just trying to make a point. Whiskey cannot be chugged like beer or taken in shots; well it can, but it is better taken on the rocks and sipped. Whiskey, unlike rum and vodka, is best served with just ice. That raw taste of whiskey when it hits the back of your mouth is something truly divine. Whiskey is the level you reach once you are done with your binge drinking and chugging sessions in college. It is truly a gentleman’s choice. The biggest question that arises when dealing with whiskey is what do we pair the classic liquor with. Well, fret not because we have the answers for you. Here in this article, we have explored some simple foods that go amazingly well with whiskey.

  1. Cheese

Cheese has got to be a mainstay if you are looking for a great blend of food and alcohol. Cheese has enough options and varieties to ensure that any sort of whiskey can be paired with it to perfection. We suggest that you get the cheese spread from Costco and experiment to find the right cheese for your choice in whiskey. If you are hosting a party that is going to be whiskey fuelled, then an assortment of cheese makes perfect sense as it will appeal to a number of people with varying flavor profiles.

  1. Chocolate

Whiskey is a drink that is quite an acquired taste and the sort of food that can be paired with it also falls into the same category. We found out that dark chocolate goes perfectly with whiskey and the darker or more bitter the chocolate, the better the pairing is. So if you are looking for an adventure in your mouth, then we suggest that you grab the most cocoa-rich chocolate you can find and relax while having a glass of whiskey.

  1. Smoked Meat

You can either go for smoked meat or smoked fish. Both go splendidly well with whiskey due to the smoky flavor of the scotch or whiskey that you are having. A lot of first-time consumers of whiskey state that whiskey has this faint tinge of smoky flavor to it and it is true, whiskey does feel like that when you have it on the rocks. Smoky ribs have to be our favorite option among smoked meat, but the choice of meat is entirely up to you.