So there are people who make rookie mistakes while drinking and then there are people who repeat those rookie mistakes and those are the worst kind. When we are talking about mistakes, we are referring to the type of food that you are not supposed to have when you are either drunk or before a session of drinking. These are some of the most commonly eaten food items and we understand why you have a craving for it, but the truth of the matter is that it can cause you a lot more damage than help before the night gets over. So if you don’t want to end up puking your guts out by the end of the night, then take a look at our list and heed carefully.

  1. Oily food

Your stomach is under a lot of stress trying to clean up after your mess of introducing alcohol into the system. In most occasions, people will feel acid reflux and end up having a gagging feeling. Imagine this is the situation and it can be compared to a small bushfire, if you go ahead and have oily food that is spicy then it is equivalent to pouring gasoline on that bushfire and wondering why the flames are so bad. You have to eat light after you are drunk so as to ensure that your stomach can digest the light stuff and break down alcohol without any added stress of breaking down complex fats and proteins.

  1. Sweets

Dark chocolate is our only recommended form of food that is allowed to be paired with alcohol, but the reality of the matter is the people don’t have a restraint on them in terms of how much chocolate they consume. Sweets, in general, are a bad idea, but an excess amount of highly concentrated cocoa product can surely cause a lot of chaos and havoc to your body and if you get too drunk then to people who are around you as well.

  1. Soda, pop or aerated drinks

A lot of people mix alcohol with aerated drinks, rum and coke are still quite the classic. But nutritionists believe that aerated drinks are the last thing that you want to be included in a night fuelled by alcohol. Alcohol tends to cause a lot of dehydration because the liver uses up the water in the process of filtering out the alcohol and the aerated drinks put a lot of pressure on the liver as it causes dehydration and thus making it harder for you to recover.