Beer is one of the must drink things for most people. It has gained and sustained popularity because of its price and taste. Food has always been around the compliment the type of liquor you have and there are certain foods that are perfect for Beer by enhancing the whole beer drinking experience. Here in this article, we have looked at some of the best sides for all beer lovers out there.

  1. Onion Rings

To kick things off we have onion rings. Onion rings are quintessentially American though, but that is irrelevant since the country is among the top consumers of beer. The batter can either be beer based to give that extra bit of kick or can be regular wings. But the key to having the perfect evening is to have chilled beer and perfectly crispy onion rings.

  1. Kebabs

If you are one of those people who likes to munch some chicken or lamb while having beer, then kebabs are the perfect bet. They are yum and flavour filled that will surely go with the bitterness of beer. There is something magical about the food from the Middle East and how well it goes with different types of alcohol. It is also ironic since the countries themselves have bans on drinking.

  1. Fish and Chips

The Brits are known for a lot of things, but when it comes to pairing food with alcohol they fall quite short. But that hasn’t been the case when it came to pairing fish and chips with beer. It is by far our most favourite pair up. Because of how amazing everything falls into place.

  1. Pizza

If you are planning a night with your friends and you are wondering what food to order that the whole lot will enjoy?? Then trust us and get pizzas. Why? Well everybody loves pizza and secondly, it goes really well with beer. Think about it, Pizzas are cheesy, yummy and there for everyone to share. Basketball game on TV, a couple of six-packs and two massive pizzas; how can that evening even go wrong?

  1. Chips and Dips

We have save the best for last. The reason why so many people enjoy chips and dips is because of how simple the whole thing is to put together. In addition to being simple, it is also extremely chip to use this as a side. But let’s for a second forget about how cheap or simple it is and focus on how amazingly well it compliments beer. Besides fish and chips, chips and dips is the closest dish that pairs really well with beer.