1. Bourbon and Picked Vegetables

Bourbon is a niche drink and is enjoyed by a few compared to the popularity that whiskey and rum have. The thing is that there are not a lot of things that can be paired with Bourbon, but pickled vegetables and bourbon have silently formed a bond of sorts that has stood the test of time. The sourness of pickled vegetables then goes on to balance out the flavor profile of the alcohol, which tends to lean towards sweet and spicy. The contemporary mix is further explored by involving the crunchy texture of the vegetables into the mix with all other contributing elements.

  1. Chips and Dips with Beer

Almost everyone who has tasted the alcohol at some point in time experienced what beer felt like. Beer is actually an acquired taste; that is acquired by a lot of people who are broke. Beer is something that you can get for the cheap, so can the sides. The sides are practically much cheaper actually. All you need is a packet of salted chips and three or four dips and your set for an amazing evening with your friends and a couple of six-packs.

  1. Smoked Pork Ribs and Whiskey

Smoked meat is a definite yes when it comes to whiskey, but within that category pork ribs truly represent a classic pairing with whiskey. Whiskey is said to have a strong smoky taste to it and some have even gone on and said that they can taste a mild tinge of BBQness to the whole thing. The Pork ribs are quite perfect and properly cooked pork ribs basically melt in your mouth. The flavor of pork meat when it is smoked goes really well with whiskey and this is one of the reasons why pork ribs are preferred over other forms of smoked meat when pairing up with whiskey.

The fact of the matter is that each alcohol will for sure have an expertly chosen dish that balances and enhances flavors so that the consumer gets a mind-blowing experience. But alcohol for the longest time has been a sort of comfort zone for people and thus we believe that classic pairings only matter so much. So if you are looking to have a great evening with your friends, then we recommend you get a lot of fries, chips, cheese, dips, salted peanuts and some dark chocolate to finish things off. We are sure that everyone will have a blast with the best pair up we could think of; you, friends, booze and food.